Donald Rees is best known for his critically acclaimed and award-winning performance in the one-man show Buyer and Cellar (Best Actor, Broadway World Awards/Montreal, 2017), which was also nominated for Best Show, Most Promising Company (Segal Centre) and Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs).  


He also holds nominations for Outstanding Male Lead and Outstanding Independent Production (Montreal English Theatre Awards) for Mistakes Were Made staged in 2016. 


In 2003, Rees co-founded Brave New Productions and became its Executive Director in 2011. Under his tenure, BNP has transformed into a semi-professional theatre company with a redefined focus on developing new, as well as existing works. 


Over the last ten years, Rees has produced, directed, performed, or written for all the group’s projects; sometimes taking on two or three major responsibilities on the same production. His dedication to the company and passion for theatre has been boundless. 


In his quest for proficiency, Rees mentored under Peter Hinton, Liz Valdez, and Gilles Plouffe; and studied with Second City-Chicago and the Barrow Group in New York City.  


In 2013, he once again helped invigorate Brave New Productions by creating Brave New Comedy, a unique ensemble for up-and-coming comedic talent, that blends stand-up with traditional theatre and web content. 


Writing scripts, synopses, stories, or novel-length fiction has been Rees's past-time of choice for most of his life. He currently writes for and has spun yarn for both The Charlebois Post and 2Be magazine. 


Rees is an avid theatre, film, television, and streaming enthusiast.